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Edioak’s first collaboration with Netflix involving scriptwriting, editing and market testing with the extensive network of beta readers.

Publishing and Editing Certification

    Unlock a Prosperous Publishing Career With Our Publishing and Editing Certification Program

    Edioak and Gamahouse’s certification program is designed to develop the editors and publishers of tomorrow. This certification program is crafted for professionals who are zealous about editing and envision a career in the publishing industry. The certification program bridges the gap between academic learning and professional excellence since it is designed on the basis of Edioak’s experience of serving 14 publishing houses as an in-house book editing company and scriptwriting a Netflix show named Everything Now.

    Publishing & Editing Clients

    Edioak Clients Page

    Edioak is an in-house book editing company for the following Publishing houses mentioned below:

    1. Gamahouse Publishing
    2. Simon & Schuster
    3. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    4. Cengage Learning
    5. Wiley
    6. Kodansha
    7. Egmont Books
    8. Oxford University Press
    9. Rupa publications
    10. Scholastic India
    11. Bloomsbury India
    12. Grapevine Publishing
    13. Chronicle Books
    14. OR Books

    Why Choose Our Publishing and Editing Certification?

    Industry-Relevant Curriculum:

    Our curriculum is designed in collaboration with seasoned industry professionals to ensure it mirrors the practical demands of the publishing industry. You’ll embark on a journey which, includes learning about manuscript editing, proofreading, digital publishing, copyright law, and much more.

    Practical Experience:

    We advocate hands-on learning. Our certification encompasses a blend of theoretical knowledge and live projects for example, structuring and publishing a manuscript, line editing a novel are crafted by industry professionals, providing you with an opportunity to work on publishing and editing projects under the guidance of experienced editors and publishers.

    Networking Opportunities

    Build connections with people from the publishing industry and benefit from our strong alumni network, which could be your stepping stone to eminent publishing houses and editorial teams.

    Career Readiness:

    Our dedicated career services team will provide you with personalized coaching, resume reviews, and internship placements to ensure you are well-prepared for success post-certification.

    Flexible Learning Options:

    We understand the demanding schedule of professionals, which is why we offer flexible learning schedules, which include weekend classes, as well as an online learning platform.

    What You Will Learn

    Manuscript Editing

    Acquire the skills and knowledge to transform and structure a manuscript into a polished file which goes through developmental, line and copyediting.

    Proofreading Techniques

    Develop a keen eye for detail required to catch and correct errors before they reach the print stage.

    Digital Publishing Platforms

    Get hands-on experience with modern digital publishing tools and platforms like KDP, Smashwords, Lulu Press, Barnes and Noble and Apple books, preparing you for the evolving landscape of the publishing industry.

    Copyright and Legal Aspects

    Acquire a foundational understanding of copyright laws, permissions, and other legal aspects crucial for a publishing career.

    Career Options

    After completing the Publishing and Editing Certification, graduates open the doors to plenty of career opportunities in the publishing industry and beyond. The following are potential career choices
    Editorial Roles:
    • Acquisitions Editor: Identifying promising manuscripts and authors for publication
    • Copy Editor: Refining the content for clarity, style consistency, grammar, and accuracy.
    • Developmental Editor: Working closely with authors to enhance the manuscript in terms of content structure and overall quality.
    • Technical Editor: Specializing in reviewing and revising technical documents.
    • Commissioning Editor: Seeking authors for specific topics, identifying market gaps, and commissioning works to address those needs.
    Publishing Roles:
    •  Publishing Assistant: Assisting in the day-to-day operations of a publishing house.
    •  Production Editor: Overseeing the production process from manuscript to finished book.
    • Rights and Permissions Agent: Managing the rights and permissions of published materials.
    • Distribution Manager: Ensures that books reach retailers, libraries, and other outlets. They manage relationships with distributors and oversee inventory.
    • Audio Book Producer: Oversees the production of audio versions of books, including selecting narrators and ensuring high-quality recordings.
    Digital Publishing:
    • Digital Content Manager: Managing online content and digital publications.
    • E-book Developer: Creating and formatting ebooks for different platforms.
    Literary Agency Roles:
    • Literary Agent: Representing authors and their manuscripts to publishing houses.
    • Agency Assistant: Assisting literary agents in managing author relationships and manuscript submissions.
    • Foreign Rights Manager: Manages the sale of book rights in foreign markets, allowing books to be translated and sold in other countries.
    • Client Relations Manager: Ensures that the needs of the agency’s authors are met, addressing concerns and facilitating communication between authors and agents.
    • Royalty Manager/Analyst: Manages and tracks author royalties, ensuring payments are accurate and timely.
    • Contracts Manager/Coordinator: Handles the drafting, negotiation, and management of contracts between authors, publishers, and other entities.
    • Film/TV Rights Agent: Focuses on selling adaptation rights of books for movies, television shows, or streaming platforms.



    Annie Craig

    Annie Craig

    Managing Editor at Simon & Schuster

    We've integrated editing training into our induction process for our third batch of new joiners, building on two successful batches in the past year. Highly recommended for aspiring editors. 

    Matthew Brundrett

    Matthew Brundrett

    Assistant Book Editor at Innovation News Network

    After completing my Master of Arts degree in 2021, I sought professional certification programs to kickstart my publishing career. I am thankful to the whole Edioak team for designing such modules and evaluating assignments, which made me better every day and changed my perspective on how to think and edit like a professional editor

    Leigh Nash

    Leigh Nash

    Founder of Assembly Press

    I have been in the industry for over 15 years, and the publishing module covering KDP, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books and the whole ecosystem of automating the digital publishing ecosystem made us start another publishing house catering to this target market.

    Yuliya Vayner

    Yuliya Vayner

    Editorial Assistant at Simon & Schuster

    Being in the Industry, I wanted to upgrade my knowledge and the skillset to advance in my career. I was amazed at the editing knowledge that was provided with the hands-on experience. I am extremely grateful to the editors for evaluating my editing assignments and giving me feedback.  

    Shreyas Deo

    Shreyas Deo

    Intern at Scholastic India

    I want to express my deep gratitude for the certification program. The extensive curriculum and exceptional support prepared me well for the industry. Thank you for this invaluable opportunity to kickstart my career. 

    The Edioak Advantage

    Industry Mentors

    • Get exceptional guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders.
    • Get individualized feedback on your submissions and personalized feedback for improvement.

    Student Support

    • We’re here to support you seven days a week, around the clock, 24/7.
    • Feel free to reach out to us by emailing support@edioak.com, or for urgent inquiries, use the “Talk to Us” option on the LMS.

    Q&A Forum

    • Receive prompt assistance with your questions and concerns from industry experts and fellow students.
    • 100% verified responses from experts to ensure the highest quality of learning.

    Expert Feedback

    • Personalised expert feedback on assignments and projects
    • Regular live sessions led by experts to clarify any doubts related to concepts.

    Industry Networking

    • Live sessions led by experts covering a wide range of industry topics.
    • Engage in individualized discussions and feedback sessions with industry mentors.


    Publishing + Editing Course Fees


    Asia- Pacific 



    INR 1,18,000


    Publishing and Editing Certification - 2024 Batch Details

    Start Date
    Batch Size
    Seats Left
    15th January
    15th February
    18th March
    15th April
    20th May
    17th June
    15th July
    19th August
    7 Seats Left
    16th September
    34 Seats Left
    21st October
    42 Seats Left
    18th November
    44 Seats Left
    16th December
    129 Seats Left

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who is eligible to enroll in the Publishing and Editing Certification?

    This certification course is created for people who seek a career in editing, communications, and publication industry. Anyone who has a strong interest in publishing and editing is eligible to enroll. 

    How long does it take to complete the certification?

    According to your chosen learning schedule, the time period may change. Usually, it can be concluded in 3 months.

    What is the cost of the certification?

    The cost for the certification is ₹1,08,000 for Asia Pacific and $5000 for Transatlantic. Scholarship opportunities are available to eligible students. Please visit our Financial Aid section for more details.

    Are there any prerequisites for this certification?

    This certification program requires no prerequisites. But, a solid grasp of the English language and a sincere interest in editing and publishing are helpful.

    What type of support services are offered to students?

    We supply various assistance to our students including career counselling, internship placements, and networking meetings.

    Is this certification recognized in the publishing industry?

    Yes, the publishing industry recognizes our certification. To ensure its relevance and practical applicability, it was created in cooperation with Gamahouse Publishing, OR Books, Chronicle and Kodansha.

    Can I complete this certification online?

    Yes, we offer flexible learning options, including an online learning platform, allowing students to complete the certification remotely.

    What career opportunities are available post-certification?

    Graduates of this certification can explore a variety of career paths within the publishing industry, such as editorial roles, publishing roles, digital publishing, freelance opportunities, and more.

    How can I apply for the Publishing and Editing Certification?

    You can submit an application using our online application platform. For any queries or assistance, contact our admission team at [insert contact information].

    What is the application deadline for the upcoming session?

    The deadline for upcoming application submission is 30th November. We encourage you to apply early to secure your spot.

    Are there any opportunities for hands-on experience?

    Yes, our curriculum includes practical exercises and real project work under the guidance of seasoned editors and publishers to provide a realistic insight into the publishing industry. Every batch has 14 projects to fine-tune editing and publishing skills.

    Schedule 1:1 Counseling with Edioak 

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