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Professional Book Editing Services

What it takes to

A ruthless professional editor who is bold enough to use a lot of red ink, honest enough to be your best critique and cordial enough to connect with you- to catch your essence of writing to bring it to the spotlight. He not only provides you with a reader’s perspective but the perspective of your target audience, for whom you are actually writing- breaking the long-held barrier.

Book Editing

Have you ever read a book that left you disappointed as if a waste of time? And have you ever read a book that has left you moved, spellbound? A book that stays with you for long, and sometimes…forever! Voila! That was the book well edited, or to say heavily edited, technically called developmentally edited.

Book Marketing

If only Authors could write and get revenues for their persevering approach, they would write books without caring for marketing, branding, reviews, listing, posting and the endless cycle of making people aware about the book.

Book Ghostwriting

Your ideas make you, even if you don’t have the time to write, we’ll do that for you! If compared to your life experiences, learnings, or knowledge you acquired, how many versions of it have you shared with the press? If compared to the stories that your mind fancies every day, how many have you brought to fruition, that would have blown an avid reader’s mind?

Beta Reading

Our Beta Readers Services provides impartial feedback from 40+ Beta Readers. Results of these are then combined into a Report with reader-centric suggestions and feedback from the Beta Readers.

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Gamahouse Publishing did Academic Publishing in New York for more than 20 years. After publishing more than 24,789 books in this long span, the publishing house is now open to the world of Fiction and Non-Fiction books

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First Book School is helping authors, companies and professionals make a legacy from their books via teaching them every ounce of this world from Marketing, Publishing, Royalties, making a course and in brief making sellable brand for you or your business.

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If you’re not thrilled with our work—whether it’s eBook conversion, cover design, or print quality—we’ll work with you until you are. That’s our publishing promise to you.

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