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    Our Beta Readers Services provides impartial feedback from 40+ Beta Readers. Results of these are then combined into a Report with reader-centric suggestions and feedback from the Beta Readers. 

    Edioak’s Beta Reading Process

    1. Selection of Readers – From the Database of more than 3000 Authors from the community of First Book School. 30-40 authors will be handpicked who will be a perfect match for your manuscript. 
    2. Agreements and Questions – The above-selected readers sign a non-disclosure agreement and are given specific questions to address to if any by the author.
    3. Senior Editor Review – The senior editor reviews the feedback by all the Beta Readers and makes a central report on the basis of their evaluation of the manuscript.
    4. Final Delivery – The whole process from signing the agreement to delivering the final delivery report takes around 30 days.

    Beta Reader Services Fees

    Full Manuscript Review

    $95040+ Readers
    • Turnaround: 30 Days

    Title + Subtitle Survey

    $500100+ Readers
    • Turnaround: 14 Days

    Book Cover Survey

    $500100+ Readers
    • Turnaround: 14 Days

    Beta Reader Review Categories


    • Romance
    • Young Adult
    • Action Adventure
    • Suspense/Thriller
    • Crime Fiction
    • Family Saga
    • Magic Realism
    • Literary Fiction
    • Historical Fiction
    • Horror/Paranormal/Ghost
    • Women’s Fiction

    Non Fiction

    • History
    • Biographies, Autobiographies, and Memoirs
    • Guides and How-to manuals
    • Humour and Commentary
    • Travel Guides
    • Academic Texts
    • Politics
    • Business and Economics
    • Health and Wellness
    • Cookbooks
    • Children’s Nonfiction

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    What is a Beta Reader?2022-06-11T09:26:09+00:00

    Beta readers will assist you in identifying and correcting flaws in your manuscript before it is published. In addition, they serve as a connection between the author and their audience.

    They’ll help you figure out why something isn’t running so you can repair it first. Beta readers are non-professional editors who read the book before it is published.

    Questions to ask Beta Readers?2022-06-12T03:43:16+00:00
    • Did you fall in love with the story from the first page?

    • How is the pace of the story?

    • Was there some aspect of the book that you found to be particularly tedious?

    • Were the characters believable to you?

    • Were you satisfied with the level of character development?

    • Which character was your favorite?

    • Was the conclusion unexpected, or did you see that coming?

    You can only ask a few questions to a reader. A strong beta reader will provide you with truthful reviews from which you will decide whether or not to act. If you can get various perspectives from the people who read your manuscript, you can determine whether any improvements are necessary.

    How Do I Find Beta Readers?2022-06-11T09:28:39+00:00

    2 Obvious choices are:

    • People who are a good choice for the book’s target market. They should ideally be avid readers of books in the genre or category in which your manuscript lies.

    • People who have some writing/publishing experience or understanding. Beta readers who are fellow authors or editors are also the best and have the most accurate, informative feedback.

    Active forums of Beta Readers:

    Beta Readers & Critiques

    Critique Circle

    Goodreads Beta Readers Group

    Beta readers and critique partners

    Absolute Write

    Why do you need Beta Readers?2022-07-08T01:50:33+00:00

    If you launch your novel without first getting an external audit, you will get some scathing criticism. It’s natural to get a few negative book reviews, especially on Amazon. However, if you can get truthful reviews from readers before you post, this risk can be significantly reduced.

    Before your book goes on sale, you have the opportunity to react to negative feedback and make changes to your novel. If and when they write a review after your book is available, paying readers can be brutally frank. It’s much easier to get this candid feedback before releasing your book.

    • A beta reader will offer your manuscript a new, objective perspective. You’ve already spent so much time revising your work that ideas and plot seem blurry, so it’s critical to get some outside input.

    • Before your story is revealed to ‘real’ audiences, you’ll get a reader’s perspective on everything. It lets you understand how a person responds to your book and allows you to fix any issues that arise before you publish it.

    • Enlisting beta readers will assist you in adequately polishing the manuscript before sending it to agents, publishers, or competent editors. This will save you time and money while still will the chances of your novel’s performance.

    How many Beta Readers do you need?2022-06-11T09:18:23+00:00

    If at all practicable, we consider finding at least three beta readers. Three to five is a good number; any more than that, and you’ll be frustrated by the amount of information to remember. You could give two or three beta readers your first draft. Then you’ll incorporate their suggestions and submit the next draught to the next meeting of two or three people. Depending on how much effort the book needs, repeat this process a few times. We don’t advocate submitting the manuscript to all of your beta readers at once, so there might still be kinks to iron out after the first round of reviews arrives.

    If you’re self-publishing, find some more beta readers: strong beta readers will save you money on a developmental editor.

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