Ghost Writing

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    Your ideas make you, even if you don’t have the time to write, we’ll do that for you!

    If compared to your life experiences, learnings, or knowledge you acquired, how many versions of it have you shared with the press? If compared to the stories that your mind fancies every day, how many have you brought to fruition, that would have blown an avid reader’s mind?

    Being a badass at your job, juggling personal and professional lives, building your company and your brand has been exhausting.

    Losing track of time, your dream to write and sharing your experience or that mind-blowing story idea with the public got veered off course? You are not the only one. Many such busy bees now running Billionaire Businesses ( The Big B’s) had secretly ghostwritten. Even today, most of the International Bestsellers are topping the charts with ghostwritten books. They are an inspiration! You can be too.

    Ghostwritten simply means that your ideas will be written by our expert New York Times bestseller ghostwriters, who interview you and discuss the work on a comfortable medium to make sure our essence is extracted and injected into your book!

    The process is completely confidential even within the confines of the company.

    Memoir & Autobiography

    Our team of specialists will turn your stories, outline, notes and interviews and turn the moments of your life into an inspiring book.  

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    Turn your concepts and ideas into a book that reflects your knowledge and expertise without loosing your unique voice.

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    Transform your thoughts with our NYT bestselling writers within 3 drafts, 2 rounds of revision and collaborative workflow. 

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    Children’s Books

    Tell a fairy tale, ghost story, nursery rhyme, storybook or humour for the age group of 3-15 and applying gamification of learning principles.

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    Self-Help Books

    Solve a problem and pen the experience of love, relationships, philosophy, spiritual, finance, health, personal development or motivational books.

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    Business Books

    Close more deals for your business with your book establishing you and yourself as a subject expert in the field creating a high brand value.

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