Our Core Team

Prof. Philippe Cluzel
Prof. Philippe CluzelCo-Founder
Prof.Phillipe Cluzel is a former English Professor at Columbia University. He also headed a literary centre of excellence that saw more than 289 Book Launches in 2 years by encouraging students and fellow professors to write by providing a blueprint for their book.

He started Edioak to help Authors get record contracts from publishing houses and make their book a legacy.

Off work, he enjoys playing tennis and solving chess puzzles.

Archita Babuta
Archita Babuta Co-Founder
Ms Archita has worked for 6 years with major publishing houses handling the Developmental side of editing.

She holds a Psychology masters and for the major part of her career has made fortunes for authors by editing their self-help books.

When not living and breathing Edioak she makes and blogs about Guitar Notes.

Paul Gardener
Paul GardenerHead - New York Office
Paul Gardner handles the operations and editing team at the New-York office. Paul is the go-to person for our projects when people are trying to land publishing deals.

People call him a book agent, we call him a magician.

Mrisha Sarin
Mrisha SarinHead- Chandigarh Office
Mrisha handles the marketing team at the Chandigarh office. After having worked for more than 7 years in the PR industry, she makes sure that before even the book launches, we have Interviews, News Paper coverage, Video Trailers, Author Website and mostly everything related to Marketing lined up for the Author.

Her forte lies in creating traction for new authors by creating an Internet brand for their book.

In her free time, she does weekly webinars for college students on Marketing, Branding and Product Development.