Dear Candidates,

Thanks for connecting with Edioak- The trust of thousands of authors! Edioak has been rated the number one book editing company in the USA and is also expanding its horizons in India. It has revolutionized the book editing and ghostwriting industry in the past five years with its top-notch, unbeatable services. 

Working from home requires crazy internal motivation and time management tactics. Thus, Edioak is hiring ONLY passionate, studious, and sincere editors who’d love to work from home on manuscripts across the globe in varied genres. The selected candidates will be trained to work according to Edioak standards and protocols. 

For the post of Assistant Book Editor, kindly check the LinkedIn job post for details:


Sri Lanka



Note: The scope of promotion and incentives is the highest for earnest editors who have a passion for book editing, love books, and value the industry’s exponential growth.

We are attaching two sample edits for your reference reading and another document, Sample HR, for you to perform developmental and line edits. This sample needs a lot of work, as this writer is a novice with a learning disability.

As the sole criterion for the next round, we expect the edits as soon as possible. Your comments on the author’s work will help us understand your thoughts and perspective!

Editing Pointers

  1. Read the attached article on types of book editing. 
  2. Use Track Changes mode in MS. Word and Suggestion mode in Google Docs while making the edits.
  3. Edit every sentence of the author. 
  4. Check for sentence structure, flow, and creativity.
  5. Feel free to play with your words. Unique ideas in brilliant value addition to the author’s work, complementing his voice and style, will be appreciated.
  6. Unique angles can be given to work too. 
  7. Make comments on oddities and inconsistencies throughout the HR sample.

Quick Note: Upload an updated resume and the edited document on this Google Form.

All the very best! I hope to meet you soon on the other end.

Good luck!



Download Assignment and References

  1. Reference Document 1
  2. Reference Document 2
  3. Sample HR for Editing