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Edioak’s first collaboration with Netflix involving scriptwriting, editing and market testing with the extensive network of beta readers.

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Welcome to our Goodreads Review Service, specifically tailored for authors looking to increase their book’s visibility, credibility, and sales via engagements on the Goodreads platform. We understand the importance of reviews in the literary world, which is why our team of dedicated readers and reviewers, along with the Edioak community of beta readers, is here to help you get the exposure your book deserves.

By collaborating with the Edioak community, we ensure your book reaches a diverse and engaged group of beta readers who are passionate about discovering new literary works. This partnership not only enhances the quality of reviews but also provides you with valuable feedback to further refine and improve your writing.

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Renee Ryan

Author of The Paris Housekeeper and 60+ books


Melissa and her team promised a considerable number of reviews. I was expecting a few dozen, but The Paris Housekeeper has received over 600 reviews and counting. I appreciate the commitment to excellence and highly recommend Edioak's servies! 


Review on Trustpilot

Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Author of Shortcut and 50+ books


Edioak promised me 30-50 reviews on Goodreads, instead I got 90+ and they helped push my book to number 1 bestseller in two Amazon categories. I think the service is well worth it, and I got more 5-star reviews than I’ve ever seen on Goodreads so their reviewers loved my book. Definitely a worthy investment.


Review on Google My Business

Brenda Trim

Author of Surprised by a Supernatural Start and 179+ books


Melissa was wonderful to work with. She made the process so easy. Edioak did everything for me to get reviews on my book. I didn't have to send any emails asking for reviews to get several trusted reviews on my book. I will definitely be using them again in the future! 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Rose Black

Author of Losing My Breath and 4+ books


Edioak’s publicity services hit the mark. They did a phenomenal job of the one thing that most starting Indie authors struggle with - gaining reviews. Edioak’s team of betareaders provided a great starting foundation for my new release. I look forward to working with them in the future! 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Sean Robins

Author of The Crimson Deathbringer and 24+ books


This was a great service! I got a couple hundred new ratings/reviews for the first book in my series with no hassle:) 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Rosalind Tate

Author of Stranded and 5+ books


I was astounded by the result of Edioak's promotion over a month on Goodreads. They found the exact right readers for my book and this was reflected in the reviews. My average review score went from 3.9 to 4.1! I will need to assess the readthrough over a couple of months to justify the cost of another promo, but I have high expectations! 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Pj McIlvaine

Author of A Good Man and 3+ books


Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality of reviews and ratings my gritty contemporary thriller A GOOD MAN received from Edioak on Goodreads. 


Review on Facebook

Misha Bell

Author of Billionaire Rake and 14+ books


I am happy with the results offered by Edioak. The book got almost a dozen new reviews and close to 100 new ratings. Would definitely consider using the service again


Email Testimonial

Luca Ferrara

Author of China's Dilemma


My point of contact was Melissa Smith, from the New York Author Support team. After the first reach-out, we spent several weeks discussing the alternative strategies Edioak would be able to put in place to promote my book, and Melissa has addressed my questions very patiently and thoroughly, respecting my decisions as the book's author until we landed on an agreed promotion plan. She set expectations correctly and kept me updated during the process. The reviews I received helped me see the books from the eyes of a wider audience and therefore were of great value to me. I would recommend authors to work with Edioak and look forward to further opportunities to do so on my future works as well.


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Roger Skrypczak

Author of Never Doubt Nadine


I am very impressed with the number of reviews that my book received, not only with the quantity, but with the quality of the reviews. All of the reviewers read the book from cover to cover and caught the subtle complexities of the story. I also found their insight to be constructive and has had an influence on my writing of my next book. I plan to use the service again in the future. 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Raj Agrawal

Author of Reversal!


From the time I was first contacted by Melissa to the posting of the reviews on Goodreads, the entire process was efficient and stress-free. The reviews were constructive and insightful and provided the much needed encouragement to a relatively unknown author like me. Thank you, Edioak.


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Annie Cathryn

Author of The Friendship Breakup


I am happy with this service! I received more than one hundred good ratings and my overall Goodreads rating improved. I recommend! 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Brock Meier

Author of The Stone Cutter


They did, indeed, deliver far more ratings and reviews than I imagined. 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Lyn Farrell

Author of The Family Man and 4+ books

Thanks to Edioak, I have 82 ratings of my books, ""The Family Man,"" of which 98% were five star. I also obtained 6 reviews, 27 new followers and 100+ people who want to read the book. Melissa was great to work with.


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Sharon Wagner

Author of  The Levitation Game and 4+ books


They did a great job with author services and frankly, I'm keeping these guys on speedial. 


Verified Review on Sitejabber

M.E. Lange

Author of  Arc 


They reached out to review my debut novel. I kept waiting for the catch. There wasn't one. And I could tell from the reviews they actually read the book, which is more than I can say from some other services. I was very satisfied with what they did. 


Verified Review on Sitejabber

Tammera Mart

Author of Hidden Truths


I received excellent reviews that offer great social accountability. 


Verified Review on Sitejabber

Sarah Barrie

Author of Vendetta and 16+ books 


Thanks Edioak for doing a great job promoting my latest title. You've been great to work with and I'm super happy with the results! 


Verified Review on Sitejabber

Michael Sarais

Author of Out of Touch and 2+ books 


Amazing service! I couldn’t recommend it enough! My book has found new readers and it’s all I could ask for!


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Jennifer Kropf

Author of Welcome to Fae Cafe and 11+ books 


I thought this service was fantastic. Not only did I get loads of reviews, but the customer service was good too. Highly recommend! 


Verified Review on Trustpilot

Why Choose Our Goodreads Review Service?

High-quality reviews

Our reviewers are passionate readers who provide insightful and well-constructed reviews that add value to your book's Goodreads page.

Timely delivery

: We understand the importance of timely reviews and work diligently to deliver your reviews within the specified timeframe.

100% genuine reviews

We pride ourselves on offering authentic reviews from real readers, ensuring credibility and adherence to Goodreads' guidelines.

Customized approach

Our team carefully selects reviewers with a genuine interest in your book's genre, ensuring relevant and valuable feedback.

Responsive customer support

We're here to assist you throughout the process and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select reviewers for my book?

Our team carefully selects reviewers based on their reading preferences and familiarity with your book’s genre. We ensure that the reviewers are genuinely interested in your work, providing you with relevant and valuable feedback.

Are the reviews you provide genuine?

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering 100% genuine reviews from real readers. Our reviewers take the time to read your book and provide honest, well-constructed feedback that adheres to Goodreads’ guidelines.

How long does it take to receive the reviews?

The delivery time for the reviews depends on your chosen package. For the Basic Package, reviews will be posted within 7-10 days. For the Standard Package, reviews will be posted within 10-14 days. And for the Premium Package, reviews will be posted within 14-21 days.

Can I request specific reviewers or review styles?

While we cannot guarantee specific reviewers, we do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have. If you would like your book reviewed in a particular style or by reviewers with specific expertise, please let us know when placing your order, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

What happens if a reviewer does not like my book?

Our reviewers are encouraged to provide honest and constructive feedback. If a reviewer does not enjoy your book, they will still provide a thoughtful and respectful review that highlights both the positive aspects and areas for improvement. We believe that a mix of positive and constructive reviews can benefit authors, as it provides a more balanced view of your work.

Is this service compliant with Goodreads' guidelines and policies?

Our service is designed to provide genuine, high-quality reviews from real readers, ensuring credibility and adherence to Goodreads’ guidelines. We do not encourage or support fake reviews, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Can I get a refund if I am unsatisfied with the reviews?

We strive to provide high-quality reviews that meet your expectations. If you are dissatisfied with the reviews received, please contact our customer support team, and we will work with you to address your concerns. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our service.