Many times, we confuse revision with editing. Revision is basically reassessing your ideas, your plot, the characters and their personalities. It may also include how the picture unfolds, scene by scene and elimination or addition of certain ideas or replacing with better words.

Whereas, editing is scrutinizing how those ideas are expressed. Whether they resonate with your thoughts, what you are trying to convey, how it is being perceived in the developmental editing phase. And the change of sentence structure, usage of correct punctuation, grammar, better word usage in the subsequent editing phases.
In proofreading, spelling, typos, capitalization, textual inconsistencies and other minor errors are rectified before the final publishing phase.

Now comes who should carry out your Revision. In developmental editing, you take advantage of the editor’s skills, and experience to get the manuscript revised. But the final call has to be yours. After all, it is your masterpiece.

In other editing processes, editors refrain to comment, suggest or give major plot changes suggestions. Here, you are your best judge to revise your manuscript as per how you want it. And finalize it, before you send it to your editor.