If you launch your novel without first getting an external audit, you will get some scathing criticism. It’s natural to get a few negative book reviews, especially on Amazon. However, if you can get truthful reviews from readers before you post, this risk can be significantly reduced.

Before your book goes on sale, you have the opportunity to react to negative feedback and make changes to your novel. If and when they write a review after your book is available, paying readers can be brutally frank. It’s much easier to get this candid feedback before releasing your book.

  • A beta reader will offer your manuscript a new, objective perspective. You’ve already spent so much time revising your work that ideas and plot seem blurry, so it’s critical to get some outside input.

  • Before your story is revealed to ‘real’ audiences, you’ll get a reader’s perspective on everything. It lets you understand how a person responds to your book and allows you to fix any issues that arise before you publish it.

  • Enlisting beta readers will assist you in adequately polishing the manuscript before sending it to agents, publishers, or competent editors. This will save you time and money while still will the chances of your novel’s performance.