Bridging that intangible connect between the writer and his readers via ‘The Editor’

Some authors are loved, some are liked and sadly some are downright rejected. Imagine being the latter after months, at times years of hard work. But why is that? It is because authors fail to ‘connect’ to their target audiences. No matter how great you write, you can never evaluate your manuscript as a reader. You will always see it as a writer, thus ignoring the mayhem.

Here, the experience and evaluation skills of an editor come as your savior, A savior that can make ‘YOU’ a ‘HERO’.
Yes, a professional editor holds up that much power. But many are skipping this part due to it’s dear cost, lack of acquaintance with their editor and due to uncertainty of the end product. As a result they fail miserably to ensemble a manuscript of professional and high-standard.

Thus, comes EDIOAK. Providing expert book editing services around the globe where you not only get to KNOW YOUR EDITOR, but you stay constantly in touch with them till your manuscript is evaluated as per your satisfaction.

Our global brand is being trusted for it’s affordably priced premium services in every nook and corner among the authors, writers and bloggers.

We promise to love your book as much as you.

Thinking editing? Trust Edioak.

Your book is a most valuable ‘product’ of your life. Does any product sells without a little investment on its make? Your return is directly dependent on the investment you make to HELP US turn it into a MASTERPIECE!


$10030000 Words
  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Fixing Language Errors

Best Seller

$30030000 Words
  • Proof Reading
  • Copy Editing
  • Fixing Language Errors
  • Comprehensive Line Editing


$50030000 Words
  • Proof Reading
  • Copy Editing
  • Fixing Language Errors
  • Comprehensive Line Editing
  • Development Editing

Book Proofreading

This is the final stage of the book editing process, and is done as a last recheck scrutinized by the editor, just prior to getting your book published. This is the surface level correction of misspells, grammatical or punctuation errors that might have skipped in the previous editing processes.

Line Editing

Here, the emphasis is on line-to-line editing to make the sentences flow like a song. You might have noticed in professional writings, the ending of a previous paragraph tells a subtle tale about the paragraph that is about to come next. Many oddities are removed from your manuscripts in line editing to make each sentence a better version of itself.

Development Editing

Developmental Editing is the most premium editing service, where the ‘’big-picture”- of your plot, your characters and especially your story line, if you are writing a fiction, or the organization of lessons for your audience, if you are writing a non-fiction. It comes at an initial phase where the writer is ready to make rewrites to the manuscript after the expert suggestions, feedback and critics of the editor to make the manuscript a masterpiece!